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Boat covers
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Boat covers


Bimini awnings

   Tendasol biminis are made of the highest quality fabrics like SATTLER and S.A.RECASENS. Fabrics are UV resistant, waterproof in many different colours. Construction of the bimini is very strong, made of inox steel pipes. Bimini system can be overlapped and doesn't effect with other functions of the boat.Tendasol Biminis are best choice for your boat and for many domestic boatmakers which have our product in standard offer.

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Sprayhood awnings

    Tendasol convertibles are designed to protect the cockpit of your yacht from bad weather. Its construction and form improves the look and value of your boat. Convertible form follows natural lines of the boat with the dimensions that improve visibility during sailing.

camper Camper awnings


    Winter awnings

Awnings who serve to protect your boat are made from special fabrics, impregnated with high degree of water resistance and UV light rays resistance. Fabric is a very important detail in manufacturing awnings and because of it we cooperated for many years yust with worlds leading fabrics manufacturer like SATTLER and S.A.RECASENS. hafenSailboat awning uses boom as a carrier and it is fixed about 10 centimeters above sea line, adjusted to mast and other fixed parts of the boat. In some parts the awning has special margins and improvements so that water can not enter or the strong wind can not damage it. When the boat is in the sea the awning is stretched with special weights.


    Boat equipment and upholstery - Manufacture and servicing of various boat equipment (sponges, covers for boat and cabin upholstery, boat curtains and nets...)


Sails servicing

    Following our advice about regular repair and service will benefit your sails, that will be in better condition and will last longer. Thanks to a long year experience in servicing sails, company Tendasol is qualified to help you and advice you about maintaining and servicing your sails.We are able to repair every damage caused by worn-out state in a short time and reasonible price.

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Bimini awnings
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